Referee Review Process

When the referees register to the system by their "Referee" identity, they can see the main information about the article that they are assigned to, on the screen. The page will be exactly the same as below, when the article is clicked on.

On this page, it is possible to see the information about the article such as the title and the abstract. In addition, when it is clicked on "View All Submission Details", the detailed information can be reached by the referee. If the article is appropriate for the referee in terms of both the content and the deadline, the evaluation process can be started by clicking on "Accept Evaluation". If the article is not appropriate for the referee, then the evaluation process can be ended by clicking on "Reject Evaluation"

In the 2nd step, the information that guides to the referee is included. In this step, it is necessary to click on to the sign.

In the 3rd step, the article that is to be assigned can be downloaded in word format, in order to edit and give feedback to the author(s), by uploading the revised version of the article to the system. In this step, it is required from the referees to fill the related Referee Review Form.

At the end of the Referee Review Form, there is a text box, which makes it possible for the referees to mention their suggestions about the evaluated article to the section editor and/or the author(s). In addition, if the referee completed the evaluation by making suggestions on the paper, it is also possible to upload the revised document by clicking on "Upload Document", which can be found below the text box.

The "Suggestions" section, which can be seen at the bottom of the image below, is crucial for the editors; in the sense that here it is required from the referees to select their decision about the evaluated article.

The decision suggestions for the referees can be seen in the image below:

It is crucial to examine the "Referee Decision Suggestions and Explanations" in detail, which can be found on TUJOM Home Page, "REFEREE" section.

After selecting decision suggestion, the page below appears:

After the confirmation, the page that is shown below, appears. On this page, it is possible to start a discussion among the referee(s) and the section editor, in terms of exchanging ideas related to the evaluated article.

On the page that shows the revised article is sent to the section editor, it is also possible for the referees to reach their former evaluation reports.

As TUJOM Editorial Board, we would like to present our appreciations to all professors that contribute to the journal as referees.