Associated with improvement of communication technologies, the channels where advertisements are displayed have changed. One of these channels is mobile vehicles. Due to the use of mobile devices, consumers have become available at all times. Therewithal, it has been resulted that consumers exposure constantly to advertisements. As a result of this, consumers' attitudes towards mobile ads began to change. In this study, consumers’ attitudes towards mobile ads were measured with the Attitude towards Mobile Ads (ATMA) scale. Besides, whether the attitude towards mobile ads changes according to the consumers’ demographic characteristics was examined. In order to achieve the objectives of the study, the survey was conducted by face-to-face with 198 people living in Burhaniye, Edremit and Havran districts of Balıkesir province. Convenience sampling was preferred as sampling method. The data were analyzed using t test and variance analysis. As a result of the analysis, consumers showed more negative attitudes towards mobile ads. As a result of the differences analysis, it was determined that the attitude towards mobile ads did not differ according to gender and age. In addition, the attitude towards mobile ads differs according to the education level, income and profession of the consumers.